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Alpha Defenders Undercover -- Lyzie Carlise
Alpha Defenders Undercover

Alpha Defenders Rescue -- Lyzie Carlise
Alpha Defenders Rescue

Defenders Fury Lyzie Carlisle
Alpha Defenders Fury

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More About Lyzie Carlisle

Q: Why do you write erotic romance?
A: What could be more amazing than a tough guy making tender love that could surge out of control with a woman irresistibly drawn to him? I‘m fascinated by the complex nature of a strong alpha man who can be brought to his knees by a delicate woman.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: Sometimes the emotions expressed in a song or a country music video inspire a story. Historical events often inspire my characters’ back stories.

Q: Why do you write about shape-shifters?
A: I enjoy fantasy in books. My bad boys can be angels in disguise. It’s fun to imagine what they’re capable of.

Q: How are your stories different from other shape-shifter stories?
A: I believe every author creates unique stories and characters. My shape-shifters are tough guys with a strong desire to aid those facing serious trouble.


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